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..This is my first blog since momma's passing.. Soooo.. STEADY, TONY!! STAY, STEADY!! Steady is a word I never really had given much thought to.. Until December 22nd, 2018!! That "WAS" the day, momma officially (in her own words), "moved to heaven!!!" Words CANNOT EXPRESS, how hard this has been!! NOTHING in LIFE that I'VE EVER BEEN THRU, has been as ROUGH as THIS!! Momma was my world, my rock! I'd go to bed at night (as her sole caretaker), generally wondering did she have water by her bedside, in case she were to awake thirsty in the night - & wake up in the morn, wondering what I would make her for breakfast! It was the GREATEST HONOR of my LIFE, taking care of her!! I was blessed

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