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a Spiritual Health & Wellness Check-up?? Dr. James... Is always IN!!! 😁 (This is for Christian&

..By Dr. James ~ I am speaking of, the Book of James!! 😁 In the words of the great servant of God, Kenneth Hagin.. "If you don't want your conscience pricked?? Don't study James!" He continued.. "Every time I start reading in the Book of James, I come away with my ears red & burning, because he has turned me every which way but loose.. I have to take an inventory & straighten up!! I tell you - James is written for STRONG Christians." "Furthermore - most people never get involved in reading James. You can look at most peoples Bibles & find Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Corinthians, Hebrews, Romans, Peter, & Timothy - all marked up, along with 'some' passages in First & Second Peter

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