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Mom Updates...

Last Thursday - mom had a bad fall. For the past week - we have spent at home nursing her leg, & myself? Transferring her to and from an office chair getting outta bed, to the bathroom, in the living room to watch tv, or to the table to eat.. the office chair endured it all with us. As I found out - it aint easy to find a wheelchair in a pinch (as I was later TO find out - her pastor had one all along... Just goes to show that as faaaaar as you dig - you can always dig deeper...)

anyway...went to doctor today.. only to be sent to Memorial Hospital for x-rays.

Turns out - mom has a broken hip. The ball on her socket was completely broken off. So surgery tomorrow & a lovely hospital room tonight! Staying optimistic and IN PRAYER a-constant... Updates tomorrow!!

p.s. - we're @ Memorial Hospital in room 406...


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