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My autograph collection is verrry OBESE!!  I've been collecting autographs, since age 5 or 6..  I remember the first autographs that I obtained, was from my mother, father, & brother.  I have done likewise throughout my life.. Whether teachers, family, mentors, or who-not..  To me: an autograph, represents a personand that said person was THERE at the time they signed the autograph.  From family to teachers to friends to ANYONE whom I have admired; or looked up to in my life ~ I have, at some point or 'nother - asked them for their signature.  On a pic (if they have it!) - or just on paper...  The collection here - I have narrowed to 'just the famous,' for the sake of interest here, & the folk who visit my site..  To me??  ALL the autographs I have - are from folk whom, to ME, anyhoo - have been ENORMOUSLY famous.. [as said].. TO ME! 😂

Art in MOTION!

Trailer for my film short "Remembering a Great Childhood"
Bob Seger - Against the Wind
Bob Seger - Against the Wind
SPRING VIDEO.. curtails the Spring kick-off of 2012, when I took my little brother, to the 'TVA beach'

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