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The politics revolution; urmm.. I mean 'evolution'..

My fellow Americans...

How'd we GET HERE?? Where did these 'so-called' leaders COME FROM??

Seems that, NO MATTER WHERE you go nowadays in & on the fakey news.. one thing stands true as a nice fitting shoe..

Elephants (aka Republicans), on Faux News.. talking about their plans, that, unless you’re certified slow.. you know that it’s CLEARLY a turd they’re trying to push out - or if the turd (aka law) that they're pushing is already out? They are polishin’ it; tryin' to make 'er shine!! (Apparently oblivious to the fact that can’t make turds shine)..


O’er on CNN.. the donks (aka Democrats; or asses).. who.. lets be honest; ain’t really got a plan... OTHER than - NOT the Elephants plan..

The strategy of their plan?

To OBLITERATE ANY AND EVERY plan any of the elephant party brings forth.. No MATTER HOW good it may BE!!

ALL THIS, whilst we, the voters...

Are left speechless & more confuzzled, than a fella with no arms or legs trying to flush his hard earned natural turd & its broth, down the toilet!!

You see where I’m going here.. don’t cha??

Every law.. to the donks - no matter how good or bad.. If its a law brought forth by a member of the other party.. its a big ol hairy fat NO!!

If there were EVER ANY DOUBT on if DC (aka clown town; pomp swamp), could run itself.. that doubt checked out years ago & now its moved into a fact, & into an ALL OUUT REALITY!!

But thank God really.. cause we’d be waaay up shat creek & drowning in the excess if it didn’t run itself!! It HAS to run itself because our congress sure ain't.. (pardon my Southern!!)

We (the voters) gotta strategize - voting OUUT those who have gotten too comfy in office..

As it stands?

Right now?

To get anything done??

We have to vote to get a full party in power (in both houses of congress), right (elephants) or left (the asses).. in the congress to get ANYTHING done!!

It's gotta change folks!! We’ve TRIED this current way.. & it AIN'T working!

I PROPOSE.. Putting things properly in place by throwing the current in the GARBAGE -

going back in time.. AND beginning again!! Maybe taking heed to the message of one of our founding fathers.. Sayyy.. John Adams..

Statement from John Adams

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