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HaPPY 2016 y'ALL!

it's 2016 ...YaY... if it has been goodies for you so far. Me? Agh! I needa get into it a bit more, I guess! I feel things will get betta, however! Kinda like 2012 was -- FABULOUSoh! FOsho! So far - my year has started kinda shitty - thank GOD for hope though! Have you ever been accused of lying something SOO outlandish, that... If you HAD lied about it? You woulda come up with something MUCHo better that the shit your accused of that - really - only someone NOT in their right mind woulda said. I LOATHE folks whom float lies and accuse others of it as non-chalantly as they float a fluff biscuit!! LOOOOATHE! Bitch! She knows who she is! And wouldn;t you know? From a distance look

Springage - where art thou?

Yessum.. hidy hi out there in webland.......psssSSsshhhttt...I is back yee-'all, yeehaw!! I seriously don't know it'd beean soo SO long :P. You noh I jest do thizz to unnerve yew.. sonny!! LOL...I seriously deeon't know WHY in the h-e-DOUBLEHOCKEYSTICKYO! you reaad my crap. I apple'gize.. Hey - COULD BE worse tho.. you could be watching Cosby, sitting in traffic, or having a tooth pulled.. SOoo..... things could be sooo much worse fosho! Haha .... #couldbeworse fo sho-owwah!! (Just for the hella fun of it!) riiggGGHHHTTtt!! 'Finch twas a favorite in that one! What a wacked aked winter... ghost footprints and ALL!! Mmmhowever.. and but... birds are chirpin, trees are twerkin, t

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