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For them who 'think' they can drive- but 'reality says NO'!!

Spiting advice on 'some drivers'.. namely ones.. who.. seem to believe that they can drive the 'W Road' winding up Signal Mtn, Tennessee... it's  an ISSUE- that needs to be addressed.. Quick FACTS:

*when the speed limit is 45 and your cruising at 20 (or ANY speed UNDER 45) then you SHOULD EXPECT folks to be on your bumper like a buzzard on a gut wagon!!  Getting mad, going slower, yelling, or throwing up hand up to signal a gesture.. Only magnify's your ignorance & 'further' exposes your inability to drive winding roads..  If that isn't enough for you to take notice- will you please recognize the 17 cars backed up behind you?? OR.. Simply just pull over to the side and let us 'lead foots'.. PASS!!  Thanks!!  This message brought to you by 'morals'- pass it ON.. won't cha?!?!

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