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my "God in the Details" project..(read on!)

This is an update on my "God in the Details" project!! For those who are curious about the delay!! This is the problems you run into when "an antsy excited filmmaker gets a bit too excited and puts 'the wagon before the horse!!" So to speak!!

The project IS STILL ON AND 'IN THE PROCESS' of being completed!! This is a project that is VERY NEAR AND DEAR to my HEART!! I should have never posted the trailer!! I was just so excited and jumped ahead ((WAAAY AHEAD)) of myself!! It IS COMING SOON!! By soon.. Not as soon as you think!! I do applegize to folk who have been PATIENTLY WAITING!! This project is NOT JUST being made into a film! It is also being made into a book! And though the film, is more or less, based on the book.. The film will come after the book. I regret that I cannot say much more about it!! But DETAILS ON THE BOOK.. I PROMISE! Will BE COMING NEXT MONTH!!

These ARE VERY exciting times for me!! So stay tuned.. & if you have NO IDEA what I am speaking of.. Here is the trailer that I completely released WAAAY TOO SOON!!


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