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A Mom Update

Mom is still @ Alexian, & doing very well. She is now walking & the new hip is PREMO!! On another subject- I got a new little brother.. videos coming soon!  In the meantime- here is a photo of us..

~Mom Update~

Mom is up N at em this morning!!  Therapy went well.. NOW?? Time to go clean the house 😕.. Alexian (the therapy facility she's at), wants to do a home visit on Monday to prep her to go home!! {high fiver✋️} ~JESUS IS AMAAAAZIN'!!~

Mom officially transferred...

Mom was transferred to Physical Therapy @ Alexian Villiage on Signal Mountain... NO MO HOSPITAL (chair sleepin' for me, FOSHO!) She is in room 429.. (photos coming soon!!) Mom is doing well!! Grudgingly (LOL) doing all that they want her to do! I told her today she should, 'LET LOOSE & show em' what she can 'DO'... that way perhaps we could get outta here sooner... She's available for calling @ 1+423-362-7729... More, coming soon!!

Mom's surgery...

Mom, as of today, has a new hip.. The surgery went very very well!! The surgeon, Dr. Spitolly, said he made mom's left leg an 8th of an inch taller... YaY!! Let the recovery process begin! Issssh! ;)

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