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Bonjourno Spring!! Hello? Spring? Are you there??

Red Rover, Red Rover - send Springs unpredictable ass'ole on over!! FoSho!! Stop messing around!! Cause it ain't funny at'all!! Your MORE than welcome to thow that cold hearted, bitter critter of-a-facit, & 'no doubt', the UNEQUIVICAL BLACK SHEEP of the nature family, Old Man Winter's ass out the DOOR!! FoSho!! Yesum - he appears to be showing his shit & misbehaving again! His time is up!! He's old & forgetful, FoSho!! I am waiting, mah tulips are waiting, my odd ass tree wants her leaves, & the house next door seems to appear to be smoking from the roof!! Old Man Winter, indeed, has overstayed his overbearing welcome! So c'mon Spring!! Punch the ol' mans arse OUUT, & your timecard a

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