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The politics revolution; urmm.. I mean 'evolution'..

My fellow Americans... How'd we GET HERE?? Where did these 'so-called' leaders COME FROM?? Seems that, NO MATTER WHERE you go nowadays in & on the fakey news.. one thing stands true as a nice fitting shoe.. Elephants (aka Republicans), on Faux News.. talking about their plans, that, unless you’re certified slow.. you know that it’s CLEARLY a turd they’re trying to push out - or if the turd (aka law) that they're pushing is already out? They are polishin’ it; tryin' to make 'er shine!! (Apparently oblivious to the fact that can’t make turds shine).. OR.. O’er on CNN.. the donks (aka Democrats; or asses).. who.. lets be honest; ain’t really got a plan... OTHER than - NOT the Elephants plan..

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