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Eye of the Tiger; and the WORLD! pssh!

Howdy DOODY?? How are YOU out there in webland?? Staying safe, I hope!! PREFERABLY, under the blood of Christ! For this IS TRULY, THE ONLY WAY to GUARANTEE SOLID, UNFAILING, PROTECTION!! We NEED IT NOW, MORE THAN EVER!! Not JUST from this RIDICULOUS pandemic, but from the crazy's in the street coming OUT of the world's woodwork! Isshhhh! FoSho!! Wow.. What's it been since I last ermm wrote 'ere?? Since FEBRUARY?? WOW! How much CAN HAPPEN in just a few months.. Nevertheless; SUMMER is in FULLLL SWING!! And as my mom used to say.. "Spring has sprung, Fall has fell, SUMMER'S HERE, & IT'S HOT AS HELL!!🤣" Ohh, how I miss yah momma! In saying that, I'll add - I hope you are staying cool

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