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***UPDATES; are in ORANGE!  Scrolll 👇

WHO am I ????  

Well?? I can tell you (what I know!!) 

I am a child of God, in Christ Jesus!! 

I'm NOT what I do... I'm NOT what I have...

I'm NOT what people say about me (good OR bad).. I AM THE BELOVED OF GOD!! 



MY own personal & BIBLICAL DEFINITION as a human being/child of God!! 

NO ONE can take it from me.. The WORLD CAN'T shake it from me -

I don't have to worry - I don't have to hurry ~ (nor scurry)!!

I can trust my BEST FRIEND, JESUS..

He, brought me forth and called me!! 

THUS, He needs me (& it goes without saying) ~ I NEED HIM!.. 


I SHARE HIS LOVE & PEACE with the world.. I CARE for HIS (& my) FELLOW SHEEPle!!

***WARNING!*** Before reading further!

Reading this, will be time you'll never get back...

Mmbut really.. if it weren't this.would not 'life' be stealing your time with something else?  Like say for an example.. Watching, The Cosby Show or eating PUDDIN' POPS.. count your blessings and read on yo!  No matter how BAD, it could always be worse!


 So just WHO da HECK is this fella named          (psst: you won't find out here - I am still trying to figure it out myself! What I KNOW, I told at the beginning of this page)

If you then, have read the above, and wish to read more??  Then sobe it!!  FoSho!!  (That Sobe??  Great drink, btw!!) 😄

Well howdy doody Rudy (NOT Huxtable.. fo sho)!!  You have ""SOMEHOW"" reached the page where I get to tell you about mewah!! 
 ... So here goes fo yah(s) (plural as a case may be!) ....
I am a God fearing, Christ centered, Holy Spirit filled, honest, straight forward, kinda fella, with zest and a pep in my step.. Always have been, yo!
I've urgings, desires, habits, BUT some great morale.. (some passed down from a great family in which I am blessed to be a part of)..
THAT said, however, & so it may it be known.. I'm an oddly unique fellow..  (& I'm proud of that in a world nowadays that tends to follow whatever the hell is popular!   In the words of my all time favorite entertainer, Sir Charlie Chaplin-..''All the worlds a stage and everyone in it - merely bad actors.'  AND... 'To do something with someone else's mind, is doing something WITHOUT your OWN mind!!'  I quote Chaplin ALOT!... ALOT!!!!  I hang onto and grapple every word ever recorded by him!  He was a GENIUS!  PERIOD!  Waaay ahead of his time!   I could tell you what irks me in the world but I shall refrain -  as the world & internet is all too full of folk that are ..ALL-TOO-EAGER, to tell you their irks, & what they think about any ol subject in the Universe.. Mmhmm but yeah.. people with opinions are stank - whether they know they have a opinion or NOT - they ALWAYS do!!  b is a BLATANT truth of that - and da f give folks a spotlight, and they'll babble you 'till that light burns OUT (or you lull off to sleep...whichever happens first!!)   I muse @ the comment wars/laments all the time on b,,,  
ALTHOUGH.. I dab on in my spare time (what lil I have)..  Usually, more in "making" content  there (rather than watching it!! )  Though, since "Unsolved Mysteries (with Robert Stack)", has made the trek to b... Admittedly - I have been doing ALOT of watching lately, & lovin' it!!😉  Just filmmaking in general - Editing to me, isn't just for work.. It also works 'wonders' for me in terms of DE-stressing..  So most O the time, when I am at home (relaxing), I am editing SOMETHING!! 😂 👇
Lately - I been writing 'verbatim,' the New Testament..  Yes, "writing".. I didn't wanna miss a SINGLE WORD..  So I set about writing each word down... And I am REALLY loving it!!  It's like I can't get ENOUGH!
On the b front - You will see Chaplin techniques painted often alll in my b films.  I always like to say - the EVIDENCE speaks for itself  Few things shock me anymore ~ and I LIVE for CHRIST, TO LAUGH, & EDIT.  
POLITICALLY ~ to be honest.. I follow "MAINLY", to see what happens next in the kindergarten clown class of Washington D.C. (aka Clown U),   It's always worth a comical moment.  All of em are PROUD college graduates too(What's that  tell you about college's today??) 
It's priceless .. and worth a laugh (I guess).  What else can you do??   We keep electing these grown kids to run the U.S. and at this point I am convinced that it's like the Howard Stern, effect... We just wanna see what happens next!   That said??  I MUST SAY THAT I AM A STAUNCH TRUMP SUPPORTER!!  #TRUMPISAWESOME!!  Only as a humans do we elect leaders just to tear them down.  And in America - the house and  senate can party all they want and issue a big ol fuck you to the American's they are supposed to serve - ALL whilst the President is no where NEAR Washington nor the shindig - but yet when wine is spilled and expelled shit is found on the house and senate floors???  It's the President's fault ALL OF THIS and like clockwork... Every four years.. the next SUCKER with money to burn - steps up to the plate - vying to be your next President.. (err umm - I mean your NEXT victim...)  Spending millions on their cause and touting OTHERS to get out and vote for them... After all??  Said candidate has broken records with them "lying" ads that politicos (voters) staunchly buy into.  It REALLY amuses me of the Donkeys (Democrats), who get SOOO riled up over a tweet that Trump typed out - in his daily 4am bowel movement..  Yesss.. indeed - ONLY in America!! (our grandparents and forefathers would break their foots of in our asses..) - & whilst other nations laugh at America - ain't it FUNNY how.. secretly, they "co-vertly" watch.. Trying to copy America!! 😂  It's a carousel  ..'round and 'round she goes,' kinda thing.  Ahhhhh - in the words of the GREAT Chaplin...
"I remain just one thing, and one thing only, and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician."  And in da words of me.. "FO SHO!!!"  👍
  • I popped out on a record COLD  October morn, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • I eat, sleep, breathe, and LIVE  for CHRIST!! (..oh yeah, & I love to EDIT!)
  • Sir Charles Chaplin, Elvis Presley, Robert Stack, & Patrick Swayze, IMO were/will ALWAYS BE.. The greatest entertainers, to ever grace this wild planet earth. (That's IMO!  As said!!) Although, I think Simon Peter (Jesus' disciple).. Would rank up there as well ~ THAT IS - had he gotten 'into' entertainment!! 😂
  • Imagination IS the key to a VERY happy life!!  Mine flows in plenty, like a nice bowel movement.. NATURALLY! 😂
  • I wipe MY OWN ASS!  (a phrase that USED to be comical - but holds an everlasting , relieving, alleviating, truth nowadays!)​
  • ​Laughter is ALWAYS the best medicine!!​ ~ Sir Charlie Chaplin 1924 ~ repeated by Tony Nudo today!!!!
  • I Come from a close knit - awesome  family.  (It's not the Brady Bunch, but THANK GOD;  & what family is, or, has EVER been??!)
  • We ALL have 'peeves'.. I am NO different - I take serious issue with a K-9 DAWG, being given a funeral fit for a human - Hell NO - NO way - & NOT AT ALL!!  Humans were made in the image of God Almighty.. Thus no one but humans should fit in ANY formality MADE for a HUMAN!.  PERIOD!!  What's next?  Funerals for police robots??   MAN was made in God's image - DOG was NOT!! That said??  I DO love ALL animals!!  I don't hunt; and NEVER could.  That's not a swipe at hunters.. My bro is a hunter; I just choose not to hunt.
  • I Believe that ALL humans (regardless of race, sexual orientation, or beliefs), should be given equal honest rightsNo one is above anyone else.  When cut - we all bleed... tho some DO appear questionable!  ALSO - I Have been blessed with GREAT friends! 👍
  • & finally .. AMONGST THE MOST POWERFUL things YOU CAN DO - is to GIVE PRAISE TO GOD!!  From the moment your eyes open in the morning, and your first foot hits the ground... (In GOOD times.. AND IN BAD TIMES, ESPECIALLY!!..)  GIVE THANKS 2 GOD!! In EVERYTHING!!  Too few people ACTUALLY KNOW - You can "praise" your way outta ANY problem that life can throw!!!
Mmmbut anyways.. That is me in a nutshell!! Thanks for reading my bs - Better than stepping in it,  I guess!!  
Thanks again!! ~Sincerely (well- as sincere as I can be without being serious - & THAAT's purty sincere, FOsho'll!!)  ~Tony (aka thenudo) ;v 😆 D  😂 e 🤣


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