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My goodknee.. mucho info 2 get 2

What a hellofa last week or so- what with the weather going psyco like a low fico score..

Ye ol tree 'bit ol dust'.. you can see my canopy there?? I was INSIDE my canopy when ol wind kicked up and smacked the tree down.. twas something I never wanna experience agaain!! EVER!! And Bless God- I won't!! Jesus is AWESOME!! It was a lesson learned though- to rebuke the storm.. when the need arises!!

My Hollywood site is being updated with cool graphics & new stories.. & all the while- something BIG is coming to my Biblical site!! So BOTH sites are keeping me pretty busy.. Be on the 'lookout' for some new YouTube videos as well!! Lots of exciting stuff!! FO'sho2the'NUFF!!

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