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Happy Summer, Y'all (Pics of momma's urn, are IN THE MIX, as well)..

Well.. HOWDY DOODY RUDY (NOT Huxtable,, FoSho!!) 👍 Hope all of yous Summer is going swimmingly & that God is blessing you with blessings that can ONLY be found in His Son, Christ Jesus!! WoW!! What a summer!!! Lots-O-things going on; yet, nuttin!! 😉 Just taking this one easy as I can; being the first without momma! 😥😭 I'm glad for her howev!! Just the other night, I went out - looked up at the stars that my Dad flung into the skies (for me and you).. & thought of momma!! Then smiled and thought, "YOU RASCAL!! You're up there with Jesus, granny, Loretta, Stacey, my Aunts and Uncs (who've went on!).. Having the TIME OF YOUR LIFE, and I am still down here mourning you!!" I really

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