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Each and EVERY year when the 4th of July rolls herself around - my dad, my brotha & his lova, Michelle, & (new to the tradition) my mom.. sprinkled with a carousel of family members, & I.. Hit the road to ATL (Atlanta).. to behold the coveted PEACHTREE ROAD RACE.  It's a tradition I ANXIOUSLY look forward to and count the days off on the calendar for.  From the real young, to the real old... Obnoxious to the straightforward.. Dressed to the pressed.. Regular to the costumed, & Wild to the mild... Gather in Buckhead, Atlanta - to kick the Blessed 4th of July off in true American fashion..  It always begins with the National Anthem, followed by military fighters flying by, followed by the Peachtree horn.. & that is when the fun begins..  This page will feature a chronological tapestry of the Peachtree Road Race!!  It is the ONLY 4th of July that I have ever known.. Nor WOULD WANT to ever know!!  Enjoy the ride!!