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Have you EVER...???

**WARNING!! THERE ARE PICS ON THIS PAGE THAT ARE X-RATED eyes ONLY! FoSho'Nuff!! Seen Lightning Bugs mate? Whoopi? Have sex? Reproduce??? Such was the case when I pulled into my canopy garage, a few nights ago.. To see video.. Clickity claq-it here!! FoSho!!

Hello, HONEY!!

Geez Louise! Has it really been SPRING since I last wrote to you internet?? Mah BAAD! Anyhoo - how is you? Good?!? That's wonderful! What a crazy non lazy summer it's been here in 2018!! Anyone seee it swing BY?? Cause I surely didn't!! I can't believe it is AUGUST One already!! Hot-wise... it's not been too bad.. I been working on a "training video" for Big Brothers Big Sisters.. Which I can attest.. If your looking for a VERY rewarding way of volunteering in your community - Big Bros Big Sisters is a GREAT way to do it!! For those interested in seeing the training video, click here.. It's a GREAT program for volunteering & you REALLY DO make a difference in a young boy or girls l

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