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Springage - where art thou?

Yessum.. hidy hi out there in webland.......psssSSsshhhttt...I is back yee-'all, yeehaw!! I seriously don't know it'd beean soo SO long :P. You noh I jest do thizz to unnerve yew.. sonny!! LOL...I seriously deeon't know WHY in the h-e-DOUBLEHOCKEYSTICKYO! you reaad my crap. I apple'gize.. Hey - COULD BE worse tho.. you could be watching Cosby, sitting in traffic, or having a tooth pulled.. SOoo..... things could be sooo much worse fosho! Haha .... #couldbeworse fo sho-owwah!! (Just for the hella fun of it!) riiggGGHHHTTtt!! 'Finch twas a favorite in that one! What a wacked aked winter... ghost footprints and ALL!! Mmmhowever.. and but... birds are chirpin, trees are twerkin, tulips are jerking up!! Folks?? Spring ... is a spraing'in FOSHOnuff! I've always LOVED this time-a-year!!


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