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MOM UPdates!!

On October 19th.. Mom had gotten so weak that her legs gave out trying to get up.. (She had been progressivally gotten worse over time but NOW had reached the point she couldn't stand up..) 911 was called, & she taken to Memorial Hospital.. It was found she had 2 kidney stones & one was blocking the urinary tract.. Behind the one blocking her urinary tract, the urine was bacterially infected.. Thus being released into her bloodstream, making her overly exerted at the least little bit of movement.. The doc said one had been there awhile due to it's large size.. (Doc said at least a little over a year to be the size it was.) So they did the surgery whereby they put a scope with tiny fingers on it - went up and broke apart the 'stones', turning them into sand so she could pee them out.. She's now in rehab @ NHC and recouping quite well.. Much like her hip break last year.. I will be posting any & all updates for her friends & family.. She is making GREET progress in her recovery.. Doc said her urinary tract had been blocked for so long.. She will require A LOT of rest to recover

.. Stay tuned!! Updates & progress, coming soon!!

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