Good Times, my friend!!

Boy O Boy!! What a whirlwind lately!! That satan is a SOB!! #IAMSERiOUS folks!! Not going to go into what he has been doing lately (cause to do that - would be 2 give him further notoriety.. And he has already gotten too much!!) If you by chance don't believe in satan - then he has been doing a GREAT job with you!! Those who don't care for Christian's - NEED to wake up, #SNAPOUTOFIT!! Jesus is the reason for your existence - there is a clue for you!! Let's GIVE ATTENTION to someone deserving of it!! #JESUSCHRIST! He is AMAZING and REALLY let me experience PEACE that passes ALL understanding, lately..

#ANNEMURRAY is unbelievable!! BTW!! Onto another subject! Her voice is unbelievable!! I always forget that, until I hear her again! I'm doing my mom and dvd concerto of hers.. She has ALWAYS been a fave of my precious mom's!!


SORRY as well for not posting to YouTube as of late... Working on something special for y'all!! Blessings of God/Peace of Jesus, be with you all!!

~LOVE Tony 😋

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