'Nooz U CAN yewz!

Guten Tag!!.. ALL you precious lovely innernet people.. It's been since September since I talked to you all - so I figured it was HIGH-time to come on here if just to say HOWDY!! Hope you are all doing well (especially if your in the grip of old man winter in the Southeast right now, isssh!) Yesh! Old man winter hath finally managed to fumble himself to the southeast and he is coming in loud and proud, and full of cloud.. He's always gassy that way!) I ALWAYS welcome him here, with a warm, friendly, middle finger!! So -lift your shot glasses to hoping he makes a speedy departure!! I had a friend tell me yesterday, 'might as well enjoy it! What else can you do?!?' What a great introspective and attitude to have!! 'Might as well enjoy your misery!!" Lol Ahhh, I guess it could ALWAYS ALWAYS be worse!


She is now at home and doing well. Back to her old self.. After surviving 2 1/2 weeks of home health nurses chastising her!! Serious!! Sometimes one would come, sometimes 2, sometimes even 3.. Somedays not at all!! We never knew what time they would show up.. They always said, "I called, but no one answered! So I just came over!" Yet - there was NEVER ANY sign WHATSOEVER of ANY "missed call" on my phone. They could never explain that one! 'Hmmm!' or rather 'Hmmmphh!' was usually their answer!! I never would have imagined a home health service could be sucha pain in the arse'ole! Nonetheless - We (mom & I both), survived it! Our 'SURVIVED' t-shirts... Are on the waay! Fo'Sho!!

The little bro, Bubba, & I are progressing well!! He is one hellofa cool kid!! Our 'Rock City MAiZE', video has been posted.. & so has the 'Rock City/Ruby Falls' excursion.. Check it out if you haven't already!!

Aand here is the 'Rock City/Ruby Falls' excursion video..

Yesterday - we took to Tennessee's fish bowl!! Got some AWESOME footage!! Gators, Nemo, Electric Eels, & Pirana's ALL in the mix - & will be included, FoSholl!! 'Till then? Here's a pic of our shindig!! Peace, love, happiness, & WARMTH, to ALL of you!!

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